Ventilated Caging Systems, washing equipment, bedding dispensers, bottle filters, downdraft work tables / necropsy tables, more

Personal Protective Equipment, Protective Clothing, Accessories used by bio-medical facilities and professionals.

Use our industry knowledge for matching quality equipment with your facility design.

We have over 40 years of experience selling and supporting leading bio-medical research equipment.
Design Services
Composite Design, System Architecture, LEEDâ„¢ Compliant solutions.  Environmentally clean with no hazardous air pollutants and no volatile organic compounds.

More facilities trust us for seamless integration with their design process because their clients trust them.
White Papers, Product Catalogs, Solution Descriptions, Detailed product specifications, feature highlights and details. 

Lithgow Laboratory Services (LLS) offers a single source guarantee.  LLS assumes full responsibility for each and every job, from start to finish. LLS guarantees that each and every system installed is totally free of material installation, and labor defects.  Our un-matched guarantee is backed by our Partners with highly qualified Contractors and Technicians.