LSP Finish Goods

LSP Inc. offers several types and colors of Caps and Bouffants.

LSP Inc. offers an array of disposable lab coats, autoclavable lab coats/jackets, and disposable lab coats/jackets.

Life Science offers a complete line of face masks, face shields and hoods that are used in research labs, biomedical applications, safety labs, government labs, hospitals and other institutional settings. Our product line includes disposable procedure masks, fluid shield masks, disposable classic surgical cone masks, Isolator Plus N95 masks, Particulate Plus N95 masks, cone dust/mist N95 masks, Particulate N95 Respirators, dust/mist respirators, disposable face shields, splash shields, full face shields, flex shields, head gear, Lexan face shields, Polycarbonate face shields, Tychem hoods and Tyvek hoods.

LSP Inc Disposable Sleeves and Protective Sleeves are available in 3 types of materials.

LSP Inc offers a complete line of disposable shoe covers and boot covers.

LSP Inc provides Disposable, autoclavable, certified 1670/1671, fluid resistant and breathable gowns.

LSP offers a wide range of gloves for medical, surgical, laboratory, pharmaceutical lab, research lab, safety, and animal handling applications. We offer medical grade gloves that are 510K certified medical grade gloves; disposable nitrile gloves, disposable latex gloves, disposable sterile surgical gloves; specialty gloves such as nitrile flock lined gloves, nitrile dipped gloves, puncture resistant gloves, PVC gloves and nylon knit glove liners; and animal handling gloves including bite resistant gloves and leather gloves for working with primates and rabbits.

More LSP Finish Goods

Powered Air Purifying Respirators also known as PAPRs, are a valuable component to laboratory personal protective equipment (PPE). PAPR's are used for a number of respiratory applications such as, BSL 3 Environment work, Allergy protection, and biological/chemical protection.

Cart, Water Bottle and Vent Rack Covers
A Covers for Caging, Bulk trucks, Shelving, Carts, Water bottle Basket covers.
Available as Reusable or Disposable
Autoclavable and Washable Covers
Zipper or Velcro closures and Integrated Tag holding.
Reuseable - Made of twill or a light weight polyester material and withstand the rigors of research environments for many years of service.
Many color options available - Click here to View All
Disposable - Polypropylene. Available in White or Blue colors.

LSP provides a wide array of dispensers and holders for PPE Apparel and Safety items. In addition to the items below we manufacture Custom Acrylic dispensers and Stainless steel dispensers to fit your volume needs and Space. Please contact us with your requirements.

Life Science Products offers quality surgical products that meet the demands of today's research laboratories. Choose from a complete line of general, specialty, premium and disposable instrumentation that compliment the routine to the more arduous surgical procedures.