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Lithgow Laboratory Services (LLS) is dedicated to serving our customers needs offering a complete line of animal handling products. LLS, with our represented companies, have the ability to outfit your facility and investigators from the floors up.


Decide what card size is needed-Standard card sizes are 3x5 and 3x4, however many facilities use multiple cards for additional information, staging them either in front or behind their identification cards. These cards are usually 2.5x 3, 1.5x5, and 2x5, although other sizes are available.



Thoren Ventilated Caging Systems 
The Maxi-Miser System provides Positive Individual Ventilation (PIV) to each cage position. This truly unique system not only supplies air directly into each cage, it also exhausts spent air, animal odors, dander, and feed dust directly from each cage. The system maintains a superior micro-environment in each individual cage and at the same time provides a cleaner work environment for allergy sensitive staff members.

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Life Science

Life Science Contruction Products from Floors to Ceilings, Wall Panels, Railing & More

Life Science Finish Goods

Personal CAPR  Protective Equipment,
Protective Clothing, Accessories and much more used by Bio-Medical Facilities and Professionals.

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Maxair CAPR Systems

^ NO HOSE (air tube) to get caught, tangled 
^ NO bulky blower unit to bump, snag 
^ NO heat and CO
^ build-up 
^ NO goggle/glasses fogging - NO problem with facial hair
^ EXCELLENT full face visibility 
^ EXCELLENT visibility (FOV)

FASTEST Don/Doff and Decon times

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Wash Room Equipment

Our mission is to be the most attractive provider of vivarium washroom equipment by providing the highest quality equipment, company wide customer service and contributing to the continued development of a higher standard of care for laboratory animals.

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