SMC-Roe Model RW6290

The SMC-Roe Model RW6290 Series Cage & Rack Washers are based upon the tried-and-true reciprocating spray technology that has been the basis of all of the best cage and rack washing equipment available since the early 1970’s. No rotating spray machine can match the performance of our machines. All of our Cage & Rack Washer models are available in pit- or floor-mounted versions, and as single entry or pass-through units. Universal or custom racks are available to allow the user to process any items that will fit into the chamber.

The RW6290-VHP is a combination Washer and Decontamination Chamber which can replace autoclaves or manual wipe downs.

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The SMC-Roe Model SL1200 Series Tunnel Washers are high-capacity, conveyorized spray washers designed and optimized for the cleaning of animal caging, bottles and other items ancillary to the care of laboratory animals. In the SL1200, robust industrial-type components and heavy Stainless Steel construction are combined with modern technology to provide the best equipment available in terms of temperature control, validation, ease of operation and ease of maintenance. Like all of our machines, the SL1200 is simple and transparent to use and designed for a minimum 30-year lifetime.

Cage & Bottle Washers

The SMC-Roe Model CBW1026 Series Cage & Bottle Washers are large capacity, heavy-duty batch-type spray cabinet washers. They combine robust industrial components with heavy stainless steel cabinetry to provide the ultimate solution for the large or small animal facility to wash cages, bottles, pans, sipper tubes and other items ancillary to the care of laboratory animals. Machines are available in several configurations and with a variety of optional features to allow use in any conceivable laboratory environment.

Automatic Bedding Dispensers

SMC provides both Automatic and Manual style bedding dispensers. Whether you are bedding 1200 cages per hour or 200 cages per day, we have the right solution for you.

Automatic Bedding Dispenser

The SMC Model BD30 is a fully automatic bedding dispenser designed to dispense a uniform amount of bedding into cages that are conveyed through the dispenser opening. Bedding is loaded from bags or via a vacuum transport system into the storage hopper, from whence it is automatically elevated to the bedding dispensing area. The amount of bedding dispensed is easily adjustable, and will remain constant regardless of cage size or orientation. If the machine is integrated with an SMC Tunnel Cage Washer, the caging will be automatically inverted and loaded from the washer to the dispenser, with full control integration.

Bottle Fillers

SMC-Roe provides Bottle Fillers in several standard configurations: Single station manual feed (Model BF9016), gravity conveyor feed (Model BF9110) and a high throughput, fully integrated combination bottle washer and filler (Model BiC1875). Both the BF9016 and BF9110 are available in manual or automatic fill versions. Each of these fillers come complete with machined jets and stainless steel legs, pans and splash guards. In addition, these fillers can be furnished with quick-coupled headers for use with several different bottle basket configurations. The BiC1875 continuous bottle washer and filler has a throughput of 3,000 bottles per hour and has the same rugged design for many years of reliable operation as our other standard washers (Tunnel Washers, Cage & Rack Washers and the Cage & Bottle Washers).

Waste Handling

A good waste handling system will ensure proper living conditions for your animals as well as maintain the integrity of your research. SMC-Roe also considers the working environment of your lab technicians and research scientists. Our removal systems are built ergonomically proactive and remove dust and allergens. Our graphic touch panels operate on a windows based program with self diagnostic graphics.

Our equipment is flexible in location and space requirement. It can be retrofit to your existing system. All SMC-Roe products are energy efficient. They are built effective and for easy maintenance.

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          Bedding Management

Clean and efficient cage processing requires safe, reliable management of bedding material. Bedding dispensing systems must be equipped to handle a variety of material sizes and density.

SMC-Roe understands these criteria and offers different systems to accommodate the various alternatives. Consistent bedding is dispensed whether you choose manual filling or multiple bedding filling methods. We can advise you through the facility design and equipment selection process.

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