1. Decide what card size is needed-Standard card sizes are 3x5 and 3x4, however many facilities use multiple cards for additional information, staging them either in front or behind their identification cards. These cards are usually 2.5x 3, 1.5x5, and 2x5, although other sizes are available.
2. Decide what information is needed-Layout the information on the card as you want it to be printed. You may use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher or another common program to format the card. Please note there is a 1/4" margin allowance on all sides of the card. Please leave enough space for your information. We will typeset your card and fax it back to you for your approval. Faxing the card allows you to get the format in its exact size, and you may make sure you have enough space for the information you require. 
3. Fax (702-363-4981) or Email ( the card design to be typeset and returned to you for approval. Once we receive the signed approval. We will be ready for your order.
                                                    HOW TO ORDER YOUR CARDS 
Your card has an LLS # at the bottom of the card. The LLS# will be the item # for ordering
your card. Your purchase order needs to have 4 important items.
1. Quantity of cards being ordered (minimum order is 1000 cards per LLS#. Cards are ordered in boxes of 1000 cards. You may mix card colors in groups of 100 in your order of 1000 cards)
2. The Card LLS#
3. The card size (3x5,3x4, etc.)
4. The card color or colors.
Other order information:
Purchase Order or Credit Card Number.
Shipping/Billing information including an email for shipping notification and/or Invoice.
A phone # and contact person if there are any questions about the order.
These steps will help us to make your order a success.
If you need any assistance or have any comments please don't hesitate to contact us at (702) 413-0832