Thoren Caging Systems

“Over 66 years of Innovation and Service to the Research Community”

Mobile Housing Systems 

This system is designed to allow flexibility in size, type of units and placement within your facility. Mobile Cage Systems are constructed for ease of mobility. These racks are equipped with stainless steel casters, grease fittings and optional locking wheels. 
• Maximum of 10 shelves high 
• 6 to 14 cages per shelf 
• Total cage accommodations range from 
40 to 140 cages per rack 
• Stainless steel construction 
• Various methods of supplying 
and exhausting air to systems

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Wall Mounted and Free Standing Housing Systems
This system allows maximum density housing of rodents using a minimum of floor space.
Units are available in either single bay, double bay or triple bay construction. The fixed system may utilize shelves of differing lengths to allow the overall length to match your existing room requirements.
• Maximum of 12 shelves high
• 6 to 14 cages per shelf
• 8 to 12 shelves per rack
• Maximizes density up to 280 cage positions
• Combination of stainless steel and anodized
aluminum construction

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Maxi-Miser® Rack Monitor controls supply and exhaust pressures to maintain both at the pre-set levels. This unit features our proprietary air flow technology that calculates air changes per hour for any of the different size Thoren cages

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